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” curiosities “

itcouldbemine is slowly introducing little objects, apparently without a meaning, under the name of ” curiosities “…they are small things I found around and I think they are full of poetry without a specific reason. Search for them between the clothes and accessories.


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be a cosmonaut ! <3

“From 1928 till 1935 Christmas was officially prohibited in the Soviet Union. Then Stalin decided to replace the religious holidays with a new year celebration.The Xmas tree returned as a NEW YEAR TREE ( Yolka )  with blinky Soviet Ornaments as a RED STAR on  top.No more angels, or sheperds and other religious symbols! Instead glass toys like clocks, cucumbers and rockets with cosmonauts. “Very modern indeed!!!!!!!!!


And don’t forget to re-use / re-cycle and up-cycle! Be a cosmonaut! <3

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fall 2020

Happy Sunday to everyone ! 

itcouldbemine’s updates are now online. 

You can find a deep selection of Issey Miyake pieces + other brands and little objet trouvé that I chose to include in my selection. 

Many items are new and never used.

As always, there is a mix between branded garments and accessories and no-branded treasures found around the world with a magic touch and feeling. 

itcouldbemine could be yours….believe in re-use , re-cycle and re-search.

Wishing to everyone a beautiful Fall even if we are living dark times but the light after this will be probably brighter. 

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring when you’ll visit

For any further informations feel free to contact me, I will be glad to help you. 

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21 st June Last Day

itcouldbemine ‘ pops up ‘ happily hosted @thegoldencircus will end 21 June, last day! We are going to take a summer break and re-charge with the sun and the sea, even if Berlin is giving us GREAT DAYS! Come to find us in Rosenthalerstr.7, Berlin Mitte, to catch the “last” treasures of our selection!
I’m truly thankful to Sonia for having me in her beautiful circus!

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itcouldbemine + the golden circus PRIVATE SALE! + tarots reading !

And here we are again!
Just in time for your exclusive Xmas vintage shopping
Join us for our second and last private sale of this year
To know what you can expect from the coming year, you can also have a private / personal Tarot Reading ☞

Bring your smile, we have the bubbly ! Ah, yes, bring also cash no cards payment possible! .
For infos and to take part, send us a message : or


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itcouldbemine + the golden circus PRIVATE SALE !

Hi lovelies! We are glad to announce @thegoldencircus and @itcouldbemine teamed up for a special private sale taking place on November 4th in Rosa_Luxemburg Strasse 16, Berlin.

If you like to join us for some sparkling wine and have the chance to get some unique high end vintage pieces, send us a private message at : or

The event is on invitation and you are free to come with friends! ♥

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itcouldbemine stands for racing

Our passion for quality-used things, brings us to introduce you, to our passion for Flat Tracker.
Get hooked by taking a ride on the oval.
Take your bike, strip off the unnecessary, remove the front brake, lower the suspension, change the size of the wheels to 19“, put the right tires on and there you go.
It’s about fun, excitement and learning to control your bike sliding.
These kind of bikes exist since long time and we would like to celebrate them!
Wear a leather suit and enjoy racing.
Around Berlin there’s 4 Racetracks for regularly Trainings, that can be yours for giving a try.

itcouldbemine will present a XS650 Flat Track bike customized by Till Vanish.

This will be our last event and our closing party!
itcouldbemine says farewell to Lychener Strasse 11 on the wings of a horse-powered beauty.
And yes, Flat Track Racing is dangerous.
So come by, have a drink and a chat.
We are happy to see you on the 21st September from 7:30 pm.

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itcouldbemine says bye!

Dear friends and costumers,

on the wave of new projects and collaborations we would like to inform you that itcouldbemine closes its doors in Lychener Strasse 11 the 23 rd of September!

We will keep you posted for the next openings and events and in the meantime we could be yours at

Hoping to see you in the next days we would like to tell you that there are still some items on sale for the 50% and part of the fall-winter selection with reduced price!

All the best