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“ The installation involves the creation of a real space, but at the same time dreamlike and rarefied, which involves, in a synergistic game, the 6 senses of the viewer: a free garden, which can involve every corner during these five days.The woods, the courtyards, the uncultivated and wild gardens where the presence of man is revealed with handcrafted ceramics, projections, scents, flavours and vintage clothes and contextualised in a present and future that opens a window on the green, on the water, on the uniqueness of the creations and the quality and history of the proposals.We would like to create a sensory experience that takes you back to places lived or even just imagined or perhaps desired.Purity and contamination of elements of essences, absences, visions, presences, memories and future poetics that lead us more and more to a natural dimension, where we can feel in communion and contact with a supra-human nature from which we will be surrounded, but at the same time familiar and circumscribed and that we can touch, as in a wonder chamber.Allusion, illusion, entering and exiting the garden space which is a physical space but also a place of the mind where the objects presented lead us to reflect.”

The event will take place from 5 to 10 September 2021 from 4.00 am to 10.00 pm for the Fuori Salone in the Delphine Vintage space in via G.Pepe 16, Isola District Milan.In collaboration with Delphine Vintage and Vintage Afropicks.

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Giardini di Toscana

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ph Marta Marinotti for { trust the process } / info at


itcouldbemine presents the project ” Trust the process ” .

Every item is unique, entirely handmade and not reproducible.

You can ask for a unique piece considering the timings in the making and the vision of the maker.

Be aware that every piece is unique and can present  the so called “imperfections”  of the handmade production, which is what make an object so special, precious and unique.

All you have to do is to trust the process.